The Daily Curator

By Felix Salmon
December 30, 2009
Daily Curator. And I love it. Mick says it's a "pre-pre beta", but I hope he doesn't change too much besides the range and depth of content, because the gorgeous simplicity of the site makes it a joy to use.

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Mick Weinstein, the editor-in-chief of Seeking Alpha, has unveiled his latest side project, the Daily Curator. And I love it. Mick says it’s a “pre-pre beta”, but I hope he doesn’t change too much besides the range and depth of content, because the gorgeous simplicity of the site makes it a joy to use.

The Daily Curator is basically a TechMeme for business and finance: Mick is scouring his Twitter and RSS feeds for the buzziest stories of the day, and aggregating the smartest discussions surrounding those stories. His Twitter list alone is invaluable; the Daily Curator homepage itself is like a beefed-up, real-time version of daily link blogs like Tadas Viskantas’s Abnormal Returns.

I suspect that this kind real-time, human-powered aggregation and curation (see also: Atlantic Wire) is going to become increasingly popular over the next year or two: it’s powerful, it’s relatively cheap (compared to the cost of sites producing original content), and there’s an increasing number of early-stage investors looking to make bets on disruptive content, especially as big financial sites like and remove themselves from the conversation by putting up paywalls. I very much look forward to seeing sites like this one evolve, thrive, and multiply.

Update: Well, it was fun while it lasted. It’s down now.


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Thanks Felix! I’ll add that the technology here is entirely free and not hard to mash up as I’ve done – thanks to some amazing technologists building on RSS and Twitter. The work is in the editorial curation.

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wow! cool! looks a lot like my RSS feed!

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seems like a good idea, but not vastly different from the many news aggregators out there. If you are interested in The Daily Curator, we’d invite you to check out We’ve taken a different editorial spin: let users post blog posts, news articles, research reports, economic data, etc and link ETFs that are “plays” on the themes in the articles. This creates an investment thesis which we then track for performance. In the aggregate it becomes a great research and starting point for macro investing, learning the many ways to use ETFs for all types of trading, hedging, asset allocation strategies…

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