By Felix Salmon
January 4, 2010

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Ask me anything — Formspring

Placebos for sale — Universal Placebos

2009, the year in which elephants bred like rabbits — FT

“Weill blames Mr. Prince for letting Citi’s balance sheet balloon” – but it was $1.26 trillion when he left as CEO — NYT

Ugly graph showing just how bad the economy was in the past decade — Wapo

AT&T will regret not spending more on its 3G network — Ultimi Barbarorum

Those cheap economists — WSJ

TSA Withdraws Blogger Subpoenas — Consumerist

Pirate cash suspected cause of Kenya property boom — Yahoo

A bottle of Bollinger for $23? Really? — Yahoo

“You’ve probably never heard of Felix Salmon” — Daily Beast

“Oh, and also? Your cupcakes tasted like crap” — Westword

“The spanners say Ferrari on them and tingle with the carnal promise of focused high-performance driving” — Telegraph

“In education, I think we should be suspicious of miracles” — Yglesias

The Ryan Avent – Alec MacGillis debate seems interesting. But Alec’s behind a $15 paywall, so I don’t know — The Bellows

Why did Rick Warren’s donations plunge by 50% on Christmas weekend? — Saddleback

Julie Tilsner left BofA for a friendlier and cheaper credit union. You can too! — WalletPop

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