January 5, 2010

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Can someone please explain to me this week’s New Yorker cover? Are they meant to be standing at the end of a ski jump or something? — TNY

Was the rename from Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa part of the UAE bailout of Dubai? — BusinessWeek

May the screwcap extend its gains in the 2010s: please let it be a majority of wine bottles in a few years — Wine Anorak

Do you really look at that sales clerk? An interesting experiment: Change Blindness — YouTube

Best Midtown Lunches of 2009 — Midtown Lunch

The $260 toaster arrives. Recession? What recession? — Telegraph

A gyroscopic front wheel to help kids learn to ride a bike. Watch the video — Gyrobike

Who will buy Johnny Apple’s bottles of ’45 Lafite? And how much of a premium will they fetch? — WaPo


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