January 8, 2010

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“Joan Robinson once described Milton Friedman as a magician who would put a rabbit into a hat in full view of the audience, and then expect applause when he pulled it out again sometime later.” — Business Spectator

Lady Gaga, creative director of Polaroid — NYPost

My sister, learning to sail — Smiling Footprints

Have a question you want to ask bank CEOs? Send it here — Keith Hennessey

Avent on MacGillis on Avent on MacGillis on Richard Florida. And this installment alone is 2,154 words! — The Bellows

Rajaratnam paid $1.75m for inside information — Reuters

How vanilla financial options would help prevent seniors being ripped off — Rortybomb

A new poll suggests that the Iceland referendum might actually pass, paying off the UK and Holland — Yahoo

Allen Stanford, cricket-loving WAG groper and serial marrier, named his daughter Randi — NYT

Why am I not surprised that buyer of the $177k tuna was paying for publicity rather than fish — The Atlantic

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