January 12, 2010

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Why iPhone OS is better than Android: coders aren’t designers. — Boy Genius

Mark your calendars for Nov 25, 2018! That’s when we’ll finally find out what AIG wants to keep secret about its CDSs. — Reuters

Matt Stevens unloads on Donald Luskin — The Melon

The yield curve might be steep, but banks’ net interest margins are still low, because they have too much cash — Winkler

Brad DeLong unloads on the Fiscal Times — DeLong

Arthur Rosenfeld, discoverer of more free lunches than anybody else — Drum

A fantastic comment letter — SEC

Dick Parsons: “it was beyond certainly my abilities to figure out how to blend the old media and the new media culture” — NYT

Bloomberg fights Fed secrecy at the US Court of Appeals — Yahoo

Why the filibuster is unconstitutional — NYT

“Should Heineken be victorious, as expected, it would mark a surprise outcome.” — WSJ. So, should we be surprised?

Kenya fishermen see upside to pirates: more fish — Yahoo

Buffett on share dilution: “do as I say, not as I do” — Barrons

Jeffrey Deitch is the next director of MOCA?! — Maneker

The story of Petunia — Salmon

10 Key Charts To See Before You Buy A Home — New Observations

Fox News is believed to make more money than CNN, MSNBC and the evening newscasts of NBC, ABC and CBS combined — NYT

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