January 19, 2010

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Oxford University bans students from Spotify — Telegraph

Why we shouldn’t expect investment bankers to be great thinkers — TED

Neenah Enterprises had $15m in stockholders’ equity at year-end 2008. One year later, it’s -$162m. Oops — EDGAR

The State Department has been denying seriously injured Haitians visas to be transferred to Miami for surgery and treatment — NYT

Is Teddy Kennedy posthumously losing Massachussets? — NYMag

The famous Richard Ankrom LA highway sign comes down, replaced by a real version. The original is now crushed metal — Good

Big Banks Still Don’t Get It, Part 771 — NYT

Wyclef Jean admits Yele has made “mistakes” — Gawker

Pat Robertson voodoo doll, all proceeds to the Red Cross — eBay

“Mark my words,” said Dubai’s Sheik Hamdan. “We will still put a man on the artificial moon we’re building by 2025.” — The Onion

Jonathan Ford back at Financial Times as chief leader writer — Guardian

My book salon with Andrew Ross Sorkin — FDL

Gretchen makes a good point: Will the new credit card rules actually be enforced? Without CFPA, they might not be — NYT

“The willingness to look this disaster square on reflects the problematic, even embarrassing status of Haiti” — AP

An elegant solution to the congestion problem: pave the East River! — Gothamist


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