By Felix Salmon
January 19, 2010

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Oxford University bans students from Spotify — Telegraph

Why we shouldn’t expect investment bankers to be great thinkers — TED

Neenah Enterprises had $15m in stockholders’ equity at year-end 2008. One year later, it’s -$162m. Oops — EDGAR

The State Department has been denying seriously injured Haitians visas to be transferred to Miami for surgery and treatment — NYT

Is Teddy Kennedy posthumously losing Massachussets? — NYMag

The famous Richard Ankrom LA highway sign comes down, replaced by a real version. The original is now crushed metal — Good

Big Banks Still Don’t Get It, Part 771 — NYT

Wyclef Jean admits Yele has made “mistakes” — Gawker

Pat Robertson voodoo doll, all proceeds to the Red Cross — eBay

“Mark my words,” said Dubai’s Sheik Hamdan. “We will still put a man on the artificial moon we’re building by 2025.” — The Onion

Jonathan Ford back at Financial Times as chief leader writer — Guardian

My book salon with Andrew Ross Sorkin — FDL

Gretchen makes a good point: Will the new credit card rules actually be enforced? Without CFPA, they might not be — NYT

“The willingness to look this disaster square on reflects the problematic, even embarrassing status of Haiti” — AP

An elegant solution to the congestion problem: pave the East River! — Gothamist


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The Ebay link to the Voodoo Doll is gone…shame! Mr. Robertson must have complained.
I’m not surprised the bankers don’t know about underlying causes. The circle of finance is accountants->economists->Financial guys-> Economists. The accountants have the data, the economists make predictions off it, the finance guys make money off it, the accountants record it all and start the process again. You got detail people, big thinker people, and crazy aggressive trader people. Why would a trader really care why things are? That’s why he hires accountants and economists!


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woops, accountants to economists to financiers to accountants. heh.

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“Don’t Get It” means “have the temerity to continue to make their case, even after the almighty Felix Salmon has told them that the decision is made, and that they are to bend over and take it.”

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Wow, that “goodwill impairment charge” came at Neenah like a bolt out of the blue.

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