January 20, 2010

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you put lightly-sparkling box wine in the microwave? — YouTube

The iVictrola — YouTube

Barney Frank rolls over and plays dead — Spectator

More than you ever wanted to know about stray dogs in Moscow — FT

Elizabeth Warren asks us to call and email the Senate Banking Committee to save the CFPA — New Deal 2.0

Offline book “lending” costs U.S. publishers nearly $1 trillion — Hellman

Hubris in Haiti: Wyclef Jean’s History of Overselling Yele’s Ability to Help — Gawker

Roddy Boyd fights back at Patrick Byrne — TBM

The old GM, like AIG, is trading at puzzling levels — FT

Has SocGen lost $2 billion on TCW? — Reuters

Why a NYT paywall is a bad idea — Buzzmachine

NY financiers to reap $64 bln in bonuses in 2010 — Reuters

The NYSE(!) says I’m wrong re Haiti, but agrees with my central point about earmarks vs unrestricted funds — NYSE

El-Erian is right: the bank tax is perfectly defensible, but doesn’t address core issues. (Not that it’s meant to.) — FT

David Carr with a glowing first review of Sarah Ellison’s WSJ “mother of all tick-tocks” — NYT

How do I know Citi’s results are bad? The headline leads with a non-GAAP metric I’ve never heard of, “managed revenues” — Citi

I don’t think this slideshow is the Bloomberg Way — CJR

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