January 21, 2010

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The Brownian-motion-and-greater-fools theory of the old GM’s share price — TED

More than 70% of mortgage modifications result in an increase in the principal amount — HuffPo

Any number of ways to get around a paywall — Slate

Helmet laws save lives — and also reduce the number of cyclists — NBER

Brad Miller points out that the bank tax is basically what we should have been doing to Frannie all along — HuffPo

Roubini warns of “a disorderly rush to the exit” if inflation appears in the US — Project Syndicate

More solid reporting on the iffy finances of Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity from John Cook — Gawker

We like people who are generous. Buffett likes people who are stingy. That’s why he’s a better judge of character — Bronte Capital

Too much of a good thing? Making the most of your disaster donations — Aid Watchers

It’s behind a paywall, but Euromoney has a long and interesting story on David Proctor, a banker who can’t leave Qatar — Euromoney; (Update: ungated version here.)


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