By Felix Salmon
January 22, 2010

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Just when you thought you knew just how dysfunctional the SEC was, it turns out to be even worse — WaPo

I think it was Goldilocks, not the bears — Reuters

John Gapper responds to me with a 950-word blog comment. What a mensch! — Reuters

Quote of the Day: CNBC is to Advisors as… — Felder

Venezuelan oil chart of the day — Gregor

In Brooklyn, the MTA turns its new LIRR train station into a tomb with gigantic security sarcophagi — Streetsblog

Some good advice for the NYT, which has already said that homepage visits won’t count towards your metered allocation — Atlantic

Fantastic open letter from OK Go about why record labels won’t allow YouTube videos to go viral — OK Go Forums

Do women have more unreasonable standards for attractiveness than men? — OK Cupid

First look at a Spike Jonze’s experimental, branded short film for Absolut — Fast Company

Many thanks to Richard Perez-Pena for describing me as “a respected writer on media” — NYT

When Gourmet got complaints about change in direction, “Reichl hired staff to handwrite notes in response” — Zocalo

The Faces Of Larry Summers And Paul Volcker Say It All — Clusterstock

Negative-correlation-between-price-and-quality datapoint of the day: the best jeans cost $32 — NYT

The world’s first street art disaster movie — BBC

Go read Paul Smalera on the NYT paywall — True/Slant

Matt Goldstein’s mugshot is being circulated around hedge-fund security guards — Reuters

Dan Roth joining Fortune to run — All Things D

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From the OKCupid link:

> One interesting thing seems to be going on here: when the best-looking men write the worst-looking women, their message success rate takes a big hit. The knee-jerk response would be to somehow chalk it up to hunky spammers, but we very carefully control for that in these articles, and in any event why would better-looking girls be drastically more susceptible to it?

I really need to quit going through life with the assumption that everyone knows what “adverse selection” is.

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