January 23, 2010
Atlantic Wire

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Does Mexico make more from illegal drugs than it does from oil? I’d love to see where these numbers are coming from — Reuters

Barney Frank: Let’s abolish Fannie and Freddie — Globe

Wyclef Jean Demanded a $100,000 Fee to Appear at a Fundraiser for His Own Hometown — Gawker

On the difficulty of trying to define prop trading — Kid Dynamite

Dave Winer’s email requesting he be removed from Twitter’s suggested user list — Scripting (Background here)

The Chinese population ages 20-24 will fall from 125 million in 2010 to just 68 million in 2020 — Caing

Dominoes Keep Falling After Scott Brown’s Win. Is Bernanke next? — Atlantic Wire

Nicholas Carr uses Hal Varian to explain why paywalls can work in theory. But in practice, for the NYT? Jury out — Rough Type

Did Vladimir Putin meet Ronald Reagan? — Hot Air

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