By Felix Salmon
January 25, 2010

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Dan Primack has a bone to pick with PRs: PE Hub

I wonder whether the Times-Picayune will lose money on increasing and reprinting its press run after the Saints win — Nola

John Gruber on why Apple probably won’t include Flash on the Tablet — Daring Fireball

Every day of the NYPD’s terror trial will cause 2,200 additional hours stuck in traffic — Streetsblog

The Economist’s blogs gets initials! “RA | Washington” (Ryan Avent) now distinct from “GI | Washington” (Greg Ip) — Economist

Why is it that the SEC is only diligent on matters where it shouldn’t be, like keeping public information secret? — Reuters

US to lift 21-year ban on haggis — Guardian

Pandit said no when Obama summoned him to DC (he tried to send Parsons in his place), but can make it to Davos — Reuters

Alice Schroeder says it’s “frightening” how an “undignified” Warren Buffett has “behaved vindictively” toward her — AS

I’m with the redheaded girl — Vimeo

Annals of surreal libel cases, crossword edition — Sky

Epic customer service fail by B&N with an early oder for its new Nook — fsck

Not Having A Mortgage Doesn’t Stop Bank Of America From Foreclosing — Consumerist

The 37 most liberal Senators represent 51% of America — The Bellows

That 4,170-word Steve Waldman post you’ve been waiting for, on how inequality impedes growth, has finally arrived — Interfluidity

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At this moment the Warren Buffett / Alice Schroeder link is not working. But her post seems to be duplicated at:
http://everythingwarrenbuffett.blogspot. com/2010/01/alice-schroedercom-am-i-bitt er.html

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The Times-Picayune may not make any money on the reprints, but 0/01/super_saints_newspapers_sell_o.html

Posted by Zetesis | Report as abusive
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