January 28, 2010

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An astonishing chart of European sovereign vs financial CDS spreads — Alphaville

Kinsley Out as Editor of Atlantic’s New Business Site — Daily Finance

The formerly-secret AIG Cusip numbers now owned by the government and run by Blackrock are revealed; world doesn’t end — Reuters, HuffPo

The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit Professions — Cracked

Tim Geithner is so captured by the big banks that he thinks reasons to leave them are in fact reasons to stay — Baseline Scenario

Citigroup paid its employees $24.9 billion in 2009 — NYT

Some seriously hardcore geeking out with paywall modelling — Nieman Lab, Albert Sun

This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post — Faultline

Nassim Taleb: “Soros has 2 million times more statistical evidence that his results are not chance than Buffett does” — Asset Intl

European banks need €83bn — Buzzup

I thought Larry Lessig was moving on from his copyright fight? Evidently not: here’s another 6700 words — TNR

Wherein Yale’s VP describes its Davos party at the Belevedere (by far the poshest hotel in a very posh town) as “being frugal” — Bloomberg

Three months after pay wall erected, has 35 paid subscribers — NYO

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