Talking to Nouriel

By Felix Salmon
January 29, 2010
liveblog, or send a tweet with the #askroubini hashtag. It should be fun!

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I’ll be doing a live video interview with Nouriel Roubini here on in a couple of hours (6:20pm Davos time, 5:20pm GMT, 12:20pm ET), asking him questions from readers. So if you have anything you want me to ask him, leave a comment on this blog or on the liveblog, or send a tweet with the #askroubini hashtag. It should be fun!

Update: Here it is!


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#askroubini What percentage of world GDP do the revenues of organized crime represent?

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askroubini: Although Roubini called Bernanke the greatest creator of moral hazard in history, he called him the best man for the job of Fed chair. Since both of these statements cannot be true, please ask him to falsify one or the other.

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#askroubini – How do you respond to critics who think that you are a one trick pony given your “prescient” bear market calls through one of the greatest bull runs ever?
For a graphic representation of 2009 vs. Roubini’s calls go: 51.html

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What is your prediction for the peg of the Chinese currency, and for trade relations more generally between China and the USA?

What is your prediction for American unemployment?

What is your prediction for protectionism in the world in the next year or two?

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1) Are US banks zombies?
2) Is China bubbly?
3) When will inflation kick in?
4) At what level will house prices stabilize?

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Why didn’t your interview have any teeth? Where were the tough questions? And why didn’t you steer him back to the question when he veered off during “what is the best way to tax the banks?” He started a populist rant about bonuses instead of answering your question!
J. Daniel Wright

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I think Felix is in love with the man, just look at how he smiles to him.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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