January 31, 2010

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Remember the famous 2002 debate between Joe Stiglitz and Ken Rogoff? Well, they seem to be in agreement with each other now — World Bank, Reuters 1, Reuters 2

5 Myths about America’s Credit Card Debt — WaPo

“Books are, within reasonable limits, demand-inelastic” — TBM

Cost Dispute Halts Airlift of Injured Haiti Quake Victims — NYT

Amazon buys ebooks from publishers at $10-$14 wholesale, says Blodget — SAI

Treasury Removes Embarrassing Line From Mortgage Modification Report — Atlantic

Somali Pirates Plan to Send Treasures Taken from Rich Countries to Haiti — Racewire

iPad v. A Rock — TechCrunch

Brad Tuttle is even more defeatist than me when it comes to regulating credit cards — Time

Me, on Ingrassia and Maynard, in the NYT Book Review — NYT

Modern art is rubbish — BBC

We Have Seen The Amazing Future Of Apple’s iPad And This Is It — SAI

You didn’t buy back your stock at $50, so why are you buying it now at $125? — 24/7 Wall St

Beautiful visualization of fonts and ink — Flowing Data

Smart take by Sean Park on why the VC world ignores finance in favor of tech — Park Paradigm

Rather than face reality and open their books, Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum tell S&P to get stuffed — Ian Fraser

Zero Hedge thinks that Morgan Stanley’s research is excellent. So they pass it off as their own — Davian

You thought bank PRs were bad about forcing hacks to “check quotes” etc? Just check out the PRs for UK C-list celebs! — 3am

How To Report The News on TV — YouTube


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