February 5, 2010

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Citi’s new blog scares me (and not just because it has truncated RSS) — Citi

Kaminska nerds out on Deutsche Bank earnings — FT

“43% of the 117 people who drank alcohol before committing their crimes said they had drunk Buckfast” — NYT

No more cheating in Monopoly?! — Parentdish

How Obama is like Bush: Neither can cut agricultural subsidies — Wapo

FSA to banks: your contracts are your problem. Now, stop paying big guaranteed cash bonuses. Or lose your license. — Telegraph

“The dirty secret of long-form journalism is that most of it doesn’t work in any medium.” — Sportsjournalism

Words of wisdom: “My father taught me that if you loan a man too much money, you turn a good man into a bad man.” — Weiss

The Tory election campaign, remixed. Love the Withnail one — MyDavidCameron

Best blog comment ever. “We’ll seek, and we’ll find, and we will never ever yield! This is Harvard!” — HBR

Murdoch on Rusbridger: “it sounds like B.S to me” — PaidContent

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