By Felix Salmon
February 9, 2010

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Make sure not to get hit by a government SUV in Washington — Daily Caller

Distilled Geography: Europe’s Alcohol Belts — Strange Maps

Edward Luce on the “fearsome foursome” (Rahm, Jarrett, Gibbs, Axelrod). Is Rahm, in particular, making mistakes? — FT

The new reality: When people get scared, they *sell* gold, they don’t buy it — Barron’s

Harold Evans on the future of journalism and Murdoch — Paid Content

Anthony Bourdain schooled by a 10-year-old — while wearing a tshirt from Sammy’s Roumanian — WaPo

What is interdisciplinarity? — MR

If Tesco has achieved nothing else in this world, at least they’re doing the right thing w/r/t screw caps on wine — Wine Economist

FINRA forcing banks to keep records of employees’ Facebook updates. While admitting there’s no real way of doing that — Ars Technica

“Every wine I’ve bought at a charity auction is fake, I think” — Bloomberg

Scariest Chart EVER: Loss Severity, Subprime First-Lien — Alea

A really good profile of Samuel Bowles — SF Reporter

The male 25-54 employment-to-population ratio falls off a cliff — DeLong

Kostabi: “We counted assistants: he said he’s up to nine but will be at 20 within a year. I said I’m down to 16 but going up again since the recession is ending. He said Koons is up to 120 and Hirst is at 180.” — Artnet

Department of flattering comparisons: “We should have nationalized AIG, Felix Salmon writes. Hugo Chavez would agree” — FINS

Did SAP remove its CEO because he scored poorly in an employee survey? Remarkable if true — FT

U.S. Still Won’t Join International Criminal Court — Volokh

Online Poker Study: The More Hands You Win, the More Money You Lose — Science Daily

The beautiful, amazing, great iPad keynote — CNet

Niall Ferguson has left his long-suffering (in many, many ways) wife for Ayaan Hirsi Ali — Daily Mail

Yes, Sarah Palin really did write down her answers on the palm of her hand — HuffPo

Chart of the day: Rate of job loss, Bush v Obama — Newmark

$380/mo to rent a Park Ave duplex? Yes, of course it’s a hege-fund manager — Gothamist

Who on earth reads investigative pieces from the Chico Enterprise-Record more than 25 times per month? — Bloomberg

Doesn’t your heart just bleed: cult Napa winemakers finding it harder to get $200/bottle. Poor things — LA Times

Next time, Anne, try taking the train from Davos to Zurich airport. Much less stress, much more reliable — WaPo

I’m with Keller on this one. Would that he had thought along similar lines w/r/t Mike Albo — NYT

The Church of England pension scheme is 100% invested in equities — FT

The new wind speed record occurred during a typhoon. No, that doesn’t disqualify it — Mt Washington Observatory

This could be very exciting — Bank Simple

“Truth be told, I have never consumed this wine so my tasting notes are just crib sheets from Parker/Spectator/Decanter/Father” — Hearth wine list

Is Google’s bond-market information helpful? No, it isn’t — Google

Max Abelson eviscerates Hank Paulson’s memoir — NYO

There are worse things than being foreclosed on. Like not being foreclosed on — Rortybomb Admits its Financial Statements Were Phony — Weiss

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So William Koch is the Holden Caulfield of the wine world?

Rotten grapes?

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