By Felix Salmon
February 16, 2010

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“Since 1979, mortgage brokers in California have had a fiduciary duty to the people they’re providing with home loans” — Time

Oh boy. New York Times launching Qatar edition of ‘T’ — Yahoo

Allow Congress to vote from home states — Washington Examiner

This is brilliant. “Get out if you like Basquiat, Haring, Koons or Lady Gaga” — NYT

How “a 50% accuracy rate in an intelligence story is pretty good” — ProPublica

Marine get blown up three times and then shot in the head, but emerges unscathed — Reuters

Marion Maneker thinks Isaacson’s bio of Steve Jobs might get a $20m advance — TBM

Simmons told Goldman “I have absolutely nothing to offer you” when offered a board seat. But still accepted it — Brown Daily Herald

Demark?! — Kedrosky

The $555,000 Student-Loan Burden: only $100 of one $990 monthly payment is principal — WSJ

Tkacik on traders: “detestable children with a throbbing surplus of misappropriated self-esteem” — Daily Finance

If you’re doing a PhD in Applied Statistics, specialising in sampling theory, how many times do they make you write your dissertation? — Dsquared

Computer screens cause eyestrain–it’s basically B.S. — NYT

“It’s like we finish each other’s legislation” — YouTube


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While the Doctor does have the 555K in debt, the payment information you gave only refers to 200K of it. (I was really confused, since I pay $1500 monthly on 90K in student loans . . . though mine are all at ridiculously low interest rates.)

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Well, turns out the doctor went to to American Univ. of Caribbean med school. So she couldn’t get into a half-decent medical school in the first place.

Why’s she even in medicine? And do people who go to JHU med school, or any half-decent med school that’s actually in the United States, face he same ridiculous situation? I think not.

Posted by SGKingsley | Report as abusive