By Felix Salmon
February 18, 2010

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Taibbi’s latest: Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle — Rolling Stone

Do you really want a smartmeter? — Berkeleyside

The Epicurean Dealmaker on Lucas van Praag. Nails it. Skip the NYO piece, go straight to this — TED

On the subject of print media — Why I Hate DC

Early newspaper paywall results suggest that the New York Times plan is doomed — TBI

RenTech Institutional Fund Still Sputtering: now running only $3b of outside money — Finalternatives

JPMorgan holds $3 billion of “model-uncertainty reserves” to cover mishaps caused by quants who have been too clever — Economist

Pretty much everything on TV is filmed in front of a green screen — Kottke

“I can’t understand why someone would invest significant sums in works of art and not want to enjoy seeing them” — Bloomberg

You didn’t think that France would pass up an opportunity to blame Goldman Sachs for the Greece situation — WSJ

Newsweek runs huge ad for $2-bill scam — Consumerist; see also its Ponzi ads

Is it possible to plagiarize a press release? This piece seems to think so — NYO

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