February 22, 2010

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Wajahat Ali vs Wells Fargo: An astonishing loan-mod tale — McSweeney’s

Marion Maneker raises questions about the legality of breaking up & selling the Polaroid photo collection — Art Market Monitor

Jay McInerney to replace Becher & Gaiter as WSJ wine columnist. Expect lots of rich-people wines — Dr Vino

Asked if the president can “order a village” to be exterminated, Yoo answers, “Sure.” pg. 70, PDF — NYT

The Best Way to Enjoy Wine: Try Overpaying — Smart Money

Zero tolerance vs common sense — William Polley

Paulson sorry he blamed UK for Lehman failure — Times

“It is a little hard to find a place for Mr. Greenspan in my homes. He is still there, but in a closet” — WSJ

Citi Warns of Withdrawal Gate — Future of Capitalism

A Charlie Munger parable — Slate


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