February 27, 2010

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Well done to Riesling nuts Pacific Rim on their latest gong — Businesswire

Astonishing, on many levels — Mail

Kafka on Twitter’s ad-sales model — AllthingsD

No typing in the press pen at Apple shareholders meeting — Reuters

On how mass transit is American (and not socialist) — Yglesias

Konczal finds a good financial innovation, called TRACE — Rortybomb

“I’ve never fooled myself into believing I could discern the quality of a wine with my taste buds” — Psychology Today

15 free passes to the Milken conference for the newly-unemployed — Milken Institute

Why You Can’t Work at Work — Big Think

Interesting choice of name.: Madoff kin changing name to “Morgan” — NYP

The unlikely life and sudden death of The Exile, Russia‚Äôs angriest newspaper — VF

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