By Felix Salmon
March 4, 2010

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Citi on sovereign CDS: “You Can’t Blame the Mirror for Your Ugly Face” — Scribd

Fed seeks limit on credit card penalty fees — Reuters

EMSI comes down on my side of the cost-per-job debate — Economic Modeling

Paris Hilton thinks her SUV is a bicycle — TMZ

How on earth can you have a 26-foot wave in the Mediterranean? — CNN

Factoid from the SABEWs: is a “Mid-sized Web site” while The Orange County Register counts as Large — Business Journalism

I think the Salmon Protocol is a very good idea indeed — Salmon Protocol

Felix Salmon: What I Read — Atlantic Wire

Bloggers get NYPD press passes, finally! Only took them five years — Gothamist


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good call on The Economist

Posted by ottorock | Report as abusive

45 mph wind would give you a 26 foot wave in no time.
The med really isn’t THAT small; have you read the Odyssey?

Posted by TinyTim1 | Report as abusive

Wave pressures and wind churning builds up over distance. The Meditteranean has the misfortune of also being near/on the Equator, and subject to massive tidal forces and water flow (Portugal can have six meter high and low tide difference, it’s in the Guiness Book). Start combining those elements and a 26 foot wave is nothing. Be glad it wasn’t the open ocean…hundred footers are possible out there.

==Bob D.

Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive

Four 10 foot swells merging gives you a 40 foot wave, so…

Posted by UncleBillly1 | Report as abusive