March 20, 2010
The Bellows

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Sad I can’t make this — BLDG

A very smart post by Avent: residents of dense neighborhoods fight development just as much as suburbanites — The Bellows

How to pay off your credit card debt: an inspiring true story — Consumerist

Bank Of America Has The Crappiest Credit Card Customers — Consumerist

Steve Ballmer’s head-in-the-sand attitude to Apple — Matthews

Madoff and the Colombo crime family boss — WSJ

Fact: that ink ain’t fake. Warren Buffett really has full sleeves! — NYT

Quite a spat between author and foreword writer — Guardian

Chittum sniffs around Sorkin’s sourcing, doesn’t like what he finds — CJR

The Bar Bouloud “nugget” game for wine geeks — Dr Vino

“Day Trading for Dummies: Yes. Yes, it is.” —

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