By Felix Salmon
March 30, 2010
excellent FT column on derivatives superpriority into a fully-fledged paper -- SSRN

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Mark Roe expands his excellent FT column on derivatives superpriority into a fully-fledged paper — SSRN

The NYT, with all its troubles, is vastly outperforming CNN, which has no good reason to be imploding like this — NYT

2 days. 70 painters. Bushwick. Oh, and did I mention the Germany vs USA angle? — Tom Sanford

Superman comic sells for $1.5 million — AP

“When given a choice, more people log in to comment with their Yahoo accounts than with Google, Facebook or Twitter” — PaidContent

Your random NYT story of the day — NYTimes Roulette

Good catch by Michael Wolff — VF

Are you worried about a huge earthquake in Seattle? You should be — NYT

Is Geithner really a “powerful ally” of John Dugan? That’s bad if true, but I haven’t seen a lot of evidence — NYT

Yves Smith criticizes Michael Lewis for not writing the book that she wrote. You’d think she’d be happy about that — Naked Capitalism

Advertisers who buy 8 pages of ads one issue of Wired magazine will be able to lace video in the iPad version — WSJ

The problem with dropping money from helicopters: if people trouser it, they risk being prosecuted for grand theft — Dispatch

The $149 Walmart singlespeed — Walmart

Watch a diamond burning on a pool of liquid oxygen — PopSci

Photoshop content-aware fill. My jaw is on the floor — YouTube

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Check out the first review for that bike… priceless.

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