By Felix Salmon
April 12, 2010

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Nina Munk on Peter Gelb. Didja know that Met chorus members make $175k + hugely generous benefits? — VF

UK vulture-fund act becomes law — Reuters

Why Businesses Don’t Experiment — Ariely

Statement on the support to Greece by Euro area Members States — Europa

“People with mortgages are still renters, it’s just they rent the money to buy the house instead of the house itself.” — Comment from davejones

Steven Johnson in Ben Stein’s old Everybody’s Business spot. A vaster improvement cannot be imagined — NYT

Why Was the Polish President In a Soviet Plane? — Economist

10 Ways To Earn More Than You Can Working At The Columbia Journalism Review — Hunter Walker


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$27k for what appears to be a starting job in journalism doesn’t sound too shabby to this UK journo. Starting salaries are around £12k-14k in England, even in London.

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Bring out the whaaambulance.

What, precisely, did Mr. Journalist With No Experience *assume* the market was willing to pay? $70k?

Welcome to the real world, Mr. Hunter Walker. The cost of that sheepskin has ZERO correlation to the salary of the job for which you’re training.

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As DeLong often asks, “Why oh why can’t we have a better press corps?” Because journalism is a mickey-mouse curriculum producing a surplus of graduates, who think they are owed a job.

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