By Felix Salmon
April 14, 2010

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Sting like a bunny — Glendale News

Sorkin’s careless sloppiness suddenly becomes willful disingenuousness” — Salon

Judd Gregg seems to think the Dodd bill mandates exchange trading of derivatives. It doesn’t — FT

I’m trying to work out whether this was deliberate or not. Can’t decide — TBI

Lydon on McLaren: “we fought the same battle against boredom, apathy, laziness and cowardice” — Reuters

Military vehicles do not belong on city streets — Manifest Destiny

“The guy’s a billionaire. The kind that doesn’t come from just selling carrots.” — NYP

The chairman of the Pulitzer drama jury lashes out at the Pulitzer board — LAT

New bill: CEOs will be required to personally appear in any political ad funded by their company — Atlantic Wire

Tough love: Gawker finds making it harder for comments to be seen leads to more (and better) comments — Nieman Lab

On closed vs open — Salon

You wanna be a Vogue intern for a week? Right now $13,000 can buy you that — CharityBuzz

Kwak: “Although I probably wouldn’t have behaved the same way under the circumstances, I have no problem with Magnetar” — Baseline Scenario

Looking for the oldest “Basel faulty” headline; the Economist had it in 2003. Expect a resurgence in a few days — Economist

Why Isn’t The iPad Shipping With A Calculator App? Steve Jobs Didn’t Like The Way It Looked — TBI


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The comments on that iPad calculator article are priceless – absolutely people who would be able to see the Onion’s ‘invisible’ iPhone.

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I had the sense that Apple lost the PC wars primarily because the PC was so much more open, while Apple was very closed. It’s strange to me to read that “Apple [may be] the new Microsoft”, when it was the old Microsoft, too.

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