April 14, 2010

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Sting like a bunny — Glendale News

Sorkin’s careless sloppiness suddenly becomes willful disingenuousness” — Salon

Judd Gregg seems to think the Dodd bill mandates exchange trading of derivatives. It doesn’t — FT

I’m trying to work out whether this was deliberate or not. Can’t decide — TBI

Lydon on McLaren: “we fought the same battle against boredom, apathy, laziness and cowardice” — Reuters

Military vehicles do not belong on city streets — Manifest Destiny

“The guy’s a billionaire. The kind that doesn’t come from just selling carrots.” — NYP

The chairman of the Pulitzer drama jury lashes out at the Pulitzer board — LAT

New bill: CEOs will be required to personally appear in any political ad funded by their company — Atlantic Wire

Tough love: Gawker finds making it harder for comments to be seen leads to more (and better) comments — Nieman Lab

On closed vs open — Salon

You wanna be a Vogue intern for a week? Right now $13,000 can buy you that — CharityBuzz

Kwak: “Although I probably wouldn’t have behaved the same way under the circumstances, I have no problem with Magnetar” — Baseline Scenario

Looking for the oldest “Basel faulty” headline; the Economist had it in 2003. Expect a resurgence in a few days — Economist

Why Isn’t The iPad Shipping With A Calculator App? Steve Jobs Didn’t Like The Way It Looked — TBI


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