April 16, 2010

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Argentina Offers 66.3% Haircut in $20 Bln Bond Swap — iMarketNews

Clark Hoyt, the NYT public editor, adjudicates Krugman vs Sorkin, comes down in favor of Krugman — NYT

Israel vs the iPad: Imports are banned and customs agents are confiscating devices — AtlanticWire

Mr. Murdoch and family find faith, fame and Nicole Kidman by the River Jordan — NYT

Central clearing of derivatives is a good idea — but only if the clearer is robust. There are questions over IDCH — Risk

“Barneys has been able to get away with it for the past quarter-century only because it hasn’t antagonized any powerful hippie conglomerates” — Racked

If the WSJ is trying to go more mainstream, why did it replace John and Dottie with the self-parody of Jay McInerney? — WSJ

The Brooklyn Museum’s Andy Warhol pinata — BM

Boone and Johnson, having brought down Greece, move on to Portugal — Baseline Scenario


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