By Felix Salmon
April 21, 2010

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What on earth is Bloomberg doing hiring Ben Stein to write for them? — Bloomberg

JPMChase sleaziness, implying that PIN debit transactions are less safe — American Banker

Did Palm really say that Tourre told ACA that Paulson was shorting the structure? I didn’t take him as saying that — Telegraph

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You could ask the same thing about Amity Shlaes, who left the Financial Times shortly after becoming a prominent apologist for the Bush Administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

Or Kevin “Dow 36,000″ Hassett.

Bloomberg is becoming the retirement home for some of Wall Street’s most inane commentators. It was very frustrating to me when I worked there, as the company maintains high ethical standards on the reporting side. To then read these commentaries, published with the same little (Bloomberg) dateline, in the same typeface, as if they had gone through the same scrutiny as our reported, fact-checked, exceedingly neutral-voiced stories — there were definitely times when it set me off.

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