April 22, 2010
White House

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Obama’s speech as delivered — White House

TIME was writing about “banksters” in 1933 — Time

The change in composition of US exports to China over the past 10 years — CFR

Holy crap, Greek 2-yr yields over 10% — FT

“Ben Stein is not a BusinessWeek or Bloomberg employee. This was a one-time editorial contribution.” — Ritholtz

If we want diversity on the Supreme Court, maybe Obama should nominate someone who knows what a text message is — Lawyers USA

Fabrice Tourre To Testify To Senate On April 27 — TBI

Pretty color chart of US income taxes over time — Weathersealed

The new $100 bill has its own twitter account! @uscurrency, if you want to follow. Or watch the hilarious video — New Money

Yikes is right. But also, weirdly compelling — Yike Bike

“No longer can Goldman win mandates simply because it is Goldman. In fact, it may lose many for that very reason.” — TED

Simon van Norden has a good upsum of the SEC OIG report on Allen Stanford — Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

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