April 26, 2010

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Larry Summers Defends Megabanks, Says Too Many Small Banks Make U.S. ‘Less Stable’ — HuffPo

Do those derivatives end-users just want to avoid taxes? — Time

Waldman helpfully takes Abacus apart. I simply don’t believe that ACA Capital really knew what it was insuring — Interfluidity

Why Goldman’s ‘Big Boy’ defense won’t work — WSJ

One hundred trillion dollars — Guan

The Worst Physics Article Ever — Science Blogs

I’ve been saying for years that most people are better off buying a Mac than AAPL stock. Seems I was wrong — Kyle Conroy

iPad not bad for your eyes, but is it bad for your sleep? — LAT

The covered bond industry is miffed about Basel — Alphaville

NYT blogger complains about being quoted and linked to — NYT

Rajat Gupta, GS board member and insider trader? This is the last thing Goldman needs right now — WSJ

Dambisa Moyo appointed to Barclays Board — Barclays


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