May 13, 2010

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Jamie Galbraith explains that govt debt and deficits are a good thing, not a bad thing — Wapo

Lean hogs in gold: the only financial indicator that matters — TBI

My first official Reuters wine column — Reuters

Philips Unveils World’s First LED Replacement for Most Common Bulb — Inhabitat

As the Tories take over from Labour, the UK gets a bit more aggressive on financial reform — FT

Carney to CNBC — NBCU

Joey Kincer might have a net worth of $200k. But he’s still a 32-year-old who lives with his parents — NYT

Amendment banning mortgage steering payments passes 63-36 — Senate

I review new books from Richard Florida and Matt Ridley — BN Review

John Taylor says that a Greek restructuring is “inevitable”, says ECB has lost credibility — CNBC


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