May 18, 2010

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HAMP Update: Twice As Many Homeowners Kicked Out Of Obama Foreclosure Program As Given Permanent Relief — HuffPo

QE at the ECB: It’s on, and it’s done disingenuously to boot — Alphaville

Ambulances are not regulated by NHTSA for the crash protection of the occupants in the back — How We Drive

Equity analysts have, on average, overestimated S&P 500 earnings by 2x for a generation — Kedrosky

Merkley-Levin Is a Joke — Economics of Contempt

Is chartjunk really “more useful” than plain graphs? — Gelman

Tett says the WSJ was hobbled during the crisis by newsroom balkanization. She’s right — Daily Beast

Waldmann vs Tabarrok — Angry Bear

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