By Felix Salmon
May 19, 2010
Abnormal Returns

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Volatility, luck and a margin of safety: An excellent round-up — Abnormal Returns

Would love to see a debate between Julia Whitty and Matt Ridley. Sparks would fly — Mother Jones

Fund was complaining to the SEC about Goldman’s CDOs in early 2008 — Reuters

The Definitive Incomplete Analysis Of Today’s German Shock And Awe — Zero Hedge

How serious is Conde Nast about moving downtown? Very serious! Could be there by 2013 — NYO

BaFin statement on Germany’s naked short selling ban — Alphaville

Pork goes punk — Wilamette Week

“The odds are overwhelming that investors who buy stocks today will reap puny returns” — Fortune

The most harmful drinks in America — Women’s Health

The FT refuses to run Amnesty ad — Amnesty

Doing Sicily the Right Way — Palate Press

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Some of the slides on the “most harmful drinks” are off. For instance, the 18th worst drink is listed at 280 calories, which is supposedly equal to 6 Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts. The 280 calories sounds about right, but the doughnut equivalent is only about 1.5 Krispy Kreme doughnuts according to this site:

As I mentioned, some of the other slides appear to be equally misleading.

Posted by ardyanovich | Report as abusive

It’s sugar equivalent, not calorie equivalent. One Krispy Kreme donut has 10 g of sugar and the drink has 62 g.

Posted by mattm | Report as abusive

I guess i won’t be using those Starbuck fraps for a pick me up anymore :)

Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive
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