By Felix Salmon
May 20, 2010

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Otto has the full JPM World Cup analysis. England apparently does very well on penalty shoot-outs. Ha — Inca Kola

Paddling five miles across a lake in a bouncy castle — NatGeo

From the you couldn’t make it up department: Greek central bank faces short selling claims — FT

“Allen Stanford’s pretrial incarceration has reduced him to a wreck of a man” who keeps on firing lawyers — Reuters

Bordeaux Loses Prestige Among Younger Wine Lovers — NYT


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Good post on the FT page: 11df-a844-00144feab49a.html

Schäuble interview: Berlin’s strictures By Quentin Peel


“But is Germany not simply trying to get the rest of Europe to behave like the thrifty Germans? “Nonsense,” he says. “I have studied a little about the world as it was before the beginning of the last century. Germany did not help the world become a better place, and that has not done the Germans any good. So we have a European responsibility. We must take Europe a bit further.”

“Germany has a lot of experience with federalism, more than the UK or France. If you want to create a federal organisation, you must be ready to have a certain amount of redistribution within it. You can dismiss that by rudely calling it a ‘transfer union’. But strong and weaker states both have their responsibility. We are asking a lot of the weaker ones, but the strong also have their responsibility, and we must explain that as well.”

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Another link for you: ne/2010/05/euro_crisis_5

Felix, you are totally busted as a doomsayer. Did you enjoy adding the howling wolf sound effects?

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