May 25, 2010

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Murdoch, online: “Non-members who reach a story page are greeted by a Times+ sign-up and login overlay, obscuring the article; there‚Äôs no taster, no excerpt and no way that anyone will find those articles via search sites.” — PaidContent

In which IBM appropriates Mehretu imagery in service of congestion measuring and pricing — YouTube

If your ad is such an obvious Christo rip-off that it needs a disclaimer at the end, prolly best to scrap it — YouTube

My profile of Charles Komanoff and his congestion-pricing crusade — Wired

Between 1990-2007, GDP per working age adult increased by 32% in the US, by 30% in EU, and by 31% in Japan — MoJo

Watch Geithner sink a 3-pointer — TBI

The president of the SF Fed makes $20 more per year than her NY counterpart — WSJ

I’m quoted in Tim Fernholz’s piece on banking the underbanked — TAP


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