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By Felix Salmon
May 26, 2010

According to Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro, in a short paper (pdf) they’ve written about the news diets of media figures, about 61.9% of the news I consume is conservative. That makes my news diet more conservative than 78% of internet users, and 88% of media figures.

Michael Lewis, by contrast, gets a 50-50 share of conservative/liberal news, which makes his diet very liberal by both internet and media-figure standards. And Tyler Cowen’s news diet is more liberal still.

I have no idea why I come out so conservative. The paper scores me based on this, which includes nothing more conservative than the FT and the WSJ. Maybe that suffices.

(Via Tyler)

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I wonder if the tilt of the WSJ editorial page since Murdoch took over may be skewing its readership. I used to love reading it because they had reporting no one else did, but I can’t stand to subsidize their op-ed page.

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They’re probably classifying the NYT as liberal (and perhaps doubleplus liberal), while classifying the WSJ as ‘neutral’ (cause it’s, you know, a busines paper).

And probably many other data and science-based sources are considered liberal, because that’s the way liberals roll.

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Chef, are you sure the op-ed page isn’t subsidizing your original reporting?

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“61.9% of the news I consume is conservative”

I bet it’s about 90% of what comes out the other end.

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If I had a Euro for every time the supremely superficial and irrelevant “liberal/conservative” paradox doltishly propagated by George HW Bush to the eternal detriment of American popular political perception has absolutely nauseated me, I could get this sickening feeling seen to in a Swiss clinic.

No really, I’m made of sterner stuff. I can just about handle it (for now).

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I rather doubt it. While my white-collar job might be a biasing factor, almost everyone I know who reads it does so for the business articles. (And those who just buy it to display it do so to look business-savvy, not to ingratiate themselves with a political movement).

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Which WSJ ?

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