June 1, 2010
Talking Biz News

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If financial journalism failed up to and during the crisis, things like this are a large part of the reason why — Talking Biz News

Answers on Credit Ratings Long Overdue — Sorkin

Google ditches Windows — FT

Pay for your own servants, Queen — Daily Mail

Louise Bourgeois dead at 98 — NYT

People who mostly avoided dairy or consumed low-fat dairy had more than three times the risk of dying of coronary heart disease or stroke than people who ate the most full-fat dairy — Whole Health Source

The exodus begins: Law blogger leaves Times to escape the paywall — Baby Barista

“‘Micmacs’ is rated R. This is a completely preposterous rating” — NYT

Me, on PBS’s Need to Know, with Jon Meacham — PBS

My BNN hit: quite a long conversation/argument about oil and regulation — BNN


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