By Felix Salmon
June 2, 2010
CNBC, ibid

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Koblin keeps the Truffle Kerfuffle alive — NYO

Cramer, post-spill, recommends BP at $50, and then, a week later, at $49 — CNBC, ibid

How should ETFs account for dividend arbitrage, collateral costs, swap spreads, etc? — Index Universe

Basis points – an admonition — Dsquared

How a meme spreads, MSM stealing from blogs edition — Daggle

Spiegel fingers the culprit! “It was ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, a Frenchman…” — Alphaville

Albany is withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in dedicated transit tax revenue from the MTA — Streetsblog

Basic broadband in Germany is $75/mo — WSJ

Immigrants don’t take jobs, they create them — OECD

Tad Friend dismantles Gary Vaynerchuk — TNY


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“What Gary V is really all about is relationships. According to the theory of Dunbar’s number, you can’t have relationships with more than a hundred and fifty people. But you can if you redefine what a relationship is.”

Read more:  /100607ta_talk_friend#ixzz0pgDG1hpb

So, I’m not ten feet tall, but I could be if I change the length of a foot. Maybe we can solve credit problems by redefining the notion of paid. This logic has lots of potential.

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From the OECD paper: “It appears … that certain nationalities are more prone to self-employment.”

Beware the fallacy of human fungibility, common among open borders types.

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