By Felix Salmon
June 4, 2010

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Porsche Boxster vs the Pacific Coast Highway. The car loses — Automobile

Driver fails to see a massive pile of rock strewn across the road — How We Drive

Desmond Lachman has a very clear presentation on how bad Greece is, and how it affects the US — AEI

Google, after spending millions of dollars on financial technology, now knows how much money it has — Businessweek

Don’t try e-mailing AT&T’s CEO with complaints about your service. You’ll get a cease & desist letter — Engadget

Newsweek’s options: Bad, really bad, downright awful — Bercovici

“P. Krugman is in a movie with P. Diddy?” — Village Voice

If Greek tourism workers announce a strike and Greek journalists are also striking, does it make a sound? — WSJ

NYT adds Editor’s Note to Hirschberg’s M.I.A. piece — NYT

Two questions about the NYT/fivethirtyeight deal: Is 538 getting firewalled in January? And will it lose its full RSS? — NYT

San Francisco’s demand-responsive parking pricing: it’ll be very interesting to see how/whether it works — SF Park

The Continuing Mystery of the Lehman Black Hole — Naked Capitalism

Tobi Wong, RIP — NYT

Why is a $50 Amazon gift certificate more expensive, in reward points, than $50 cash? — Vanilla Winter

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