June 8, 2010

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The silly and pointless lengths to which “airport security” will go — Nature

“BP will spend the coming decades mired in endless litigation, its reputation irreparably damaged” — NYT

Misinformation on interchange fees — Core Economics

Why has Dick Fuld registered himself at a “penny-stock brokerage made modern”? — Financial Investigator

Dave Hickey’s leaving Las Vegas. And he’s bitter — Las Vegas Weekly

Toxie cam! Planet Money’s toxic asset, now streaming live — NPR

What is it with Carlo Civelli and George Soros? — Bronte Capital

Homeownership Is Overrated — WSJ

HuffPo won’t get “more traffic and pageviews” from a content-sharing partnership with Yahoo. It should ask for cash — Techcrunch

The Duke of Hamilton held the marquisates of Douglas and Clydesdale, the earldoms of Angus, Lanark, Arran and Cambridge, the lordships of Abernethy, Jedburgh Forest, Aven, Innerdale, Machansyre and Polmont, and the barony of Dutton; he was also pretender to the French Dukedom of Châtelherault — Telegraph

This Is Not How You’re Supposed to Fly Out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport — Dallas Observer

California’s SR91 highway: The left 2 lanes, priced, carry as much traffic during rush hour as the four free lanes to the right — Twitpic

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