By Felix Salmon
June 9, 2010

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Twitter Links Won’t Count Against the 140 Character Limit — Mashable

If fancy words are so easy to look up, maybe the NYT should use more of them! — NYT

In which Variety criticizes Toy Story 3 on the grounds that it fails “to explore the curious ontology of being a toy” — Variety

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on tail risk — WaPo

Lucy Kellaway: “it is always advisable to limit the number of academics per marriage to just one” — FT

Locals and Tourists: Where they take their NYC photos — Flickr

WP reporter with head-cam sits in vintage plane as it crash-lands at airport. No injuries; footage posted — WaPo

How a CDO is (like) conceptual art — Hyperallergic

Davis Polk’s definitive 162-page House vs Senate comparison book on financial regulation bills (PDF) — Davis Polk


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See the update on the Mashable entry: Twitter links will still count against the 140 character limit (as was made clear on the Twitter developer mailing list).

In fact the change will make things worse for users of many services, such as, that currently have 18 character short URLs, because all the links will be 20 characters.

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Re: “If fancy words are so easy to look up, maybe the NYT should use more of them! — NYT”

The correlation between the usage of these high-falutin words by the correspondents and the opinion pages is quite high: 82%

If you had put yourself through the GRE exam you would almost easily understand and use 100% of them.

My favorite: sui generis (recent reference was in Joe Norcera’s old Business column relating to The Wall Street Journal.)

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