June 9, 2010

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Twitter Links Won’t Count Against the 140 Character Limit — Mashable

If fancy words are so easy to look up, maybe the NYT should use more of them! — NYT

In which Variety criticizes Toy Story 3 on the grounds that it fails “to explore the curious ontology of being a toy” — Variety

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on tail risk — WaPo

Lucy Kellaway: “it is always advisable to limit the number of academics per marriage to just one” — FT

Locals and Tourists: Where they take their NYC photos — Flickr

WP reporter with head-cam sits in vintage plane as it crash-lands at airport. No injuries; footage posted — WaPo

How a CDO is (like) conceptual art — Hyperallergic

Davis Polk’s definitive 162-page House vs Senate comparison book on financial regulation bills (PDF) — Davis Polk


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