By Felix Salmon
June 11, 2010

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North Korea: “If you don’t trade, you die.” — NYT

BP Spills Coffee — YouTube

“Something remains broken in America’s attitude toward wealth” — Economist

Kenneth Starr fraud charges now up to $59 million — NYT

Local Manhattan Boy Makes Good — Onion

The new “I park in bike lanes… I’m an asshole” bumper stickers — Daily Green

Cowen on Berlin: “Sometimes you can’t tell which national cuisine the Asian restaurants are serving and I don’t mean that as a compliment.” — MR

I also like Tyler’s response to the NYT multitasking article — MR

“If money doesn’t buy you freedom then it’s useless” (“Freedom”, here, means “Lamborghini”) — Jalopnik

There simply isn’t a plausible reason how or why Alvin Greene won in South Carolina — The Week

Fidelity might be trading iShares for free. But its execution quality is atrocious — Fundometry

Reihan Salam reluctantly concludes that swipe fee regulation isn’t bananas — Forbes

“The rogue knitters refuse to remove the cozy” — SF Gate

More detail from Edward Hugh on the demographics of credit and bubbles — NYT

The “intelligent speed bump,” which only acts as a speed bump if you’re going faster than the posted speed — How We Drive

Ritholtz BP listicle — Big Picture

NYT Bans the Word ‘Tweet’ — Awl


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“NYT Bans the Word ‘Tweet’”

I didn’t realize they were that powerful. ‘Tweet’ is a valuable word that allows a number of amusing Malapropisms. Try it!

Posted by DonthelibertDem | Report as abusive

Tweet is the noise made by the feathered, virtually brainless descendants of dinosaurs. The word needn’t be banned from polite discourse but if anyone admits to doing it, they should be.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

Glad to see one of the worst places in the world getting more coverage and it beats the NYT’s previous complaints about “obsessions” with Kim Jeong Il.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive