June 11, 2010

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North Korea: “If you don’t trade, you die.” — NYT

BP Spills Coffee — YouTube

“Something remains broken in America’s attitude toward wealth” — Economist

Kenneth Starr fraud charges now up to $59 million — NYT

Local Manhattan Boy Makes Good — Onion

The new “I park in bike lanes… I’m an asshole” bumper stickers — Daily Green

Cowen on Berlin: “Sometimes you can’t tell which national cuisine the Asian restaurants are serving and I don’t mean that as a compliment.” — MR

I also like Tyler’s response to the NYT multitasking article — MR

“If money doesn’t buy you freedom then it’s useless” (“Freedom”, here, means “Lamborghini”) — Jalopnik

There simply isn’t a plausible reason how or why Alvin Greene won in South Carolina — The Week

Fidelity might be trading iShares for free. But its execution quality is atrocious — Fundometry

Reihan Salam reluctantly concludes that swipe fee regulation isn’t bananas — Forbes

“The rogue knitters refuse to remove the cozy” — SF Gate

More detail from Edward Hugh on the demographics of credit and bubbles — NYT

The “intelligent speed bump,” which only acts as a speed bump if you’re going faster than the posted speed — How We Drive

Ritholtz BP listicle — Big Picture

NYT Bans the Word ‘Tweet’ — Awl


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