June 14, 2010
Brand New

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Bloomberg commissioned a custom drawing of Helvetica for their new Businessweek logo — Brand New

Ryan Avent on the costs and benefits of homeownership — The Bellows

Scott Tobias on Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers — AV Club

Mirror 1-0 Kitten — YouTube

Bloomberg Defends BP CEO: “Rather than excoriate the oil industry, Bloomberg questioned Washington” — NBC NY

Forbes staff is asked to help the boss get more Twitter followers — TBI

Analyst sees T-Mobile USA as iPhone contender: makes sense for international roaming ability — Reuters

In 2008, BP Touted New Tech To Measure Oil Flow — MoJo

Senate moves to keep 401(k) fees hidden — Moneywatch

This is your brain on web: Steven Pinker weighs in — NYT

“African teams always have the coolest nicknames” — The Paris Review

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