June 16, 2010

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Delta schedules an impossible flight, landing at 10:19pm when the curfew is 10pm. Consequences: predictable — Consumerist

Those tenacious payday telemarketers — MSNBC

Who needs to trade stocks if there’s a big lottery jackpot? — CXO

Panel Sharply Raises Estimate of Oil Spilling Into the Gulf — NYT

Fired for sleeping with your fiance — MSNBC

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole — McSweeney’s

What happens when you drop cesium in water? — Corante

For journeys averaging 798 miles, estimates for north-going trips were 99 minutes longer than for south-going trips — Science News

My sister’s tsunami story — Mail on Sunday

A monster PDF of the new subway map — Second Avenue Sagas

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