June 22, 2010

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Why has the SEC subpoenaed Sam Antar’s emails to journalists? And his recent divorce records? — Portfolio

Rosecrans Baldwin delivers 1,400 words on the phrase “Somewhere a Dog Barked” in novels — Slate

The Kindle is dead, long live the kindle! — GigaOm

Orszag Leaving as Budget Director; he’s done a magnificent job — NYT

NYC isn’t bigger than ever. It’s just everywhere else shrank faster than NYC did — MoJo

How to guarantee a leak to Dealbreaker: put “*** PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL ***” at the top. And make it stupid — Dealbreaker

Sources: Conde Nast to Revive Gourmet Brand — NYO

Jenny Holzer, in S Africa: “It’s better to give to children than to adults” — NYT

How Dangerous Is US Government Debt? The Risk of a Sudden Spike in US Interest Rates — CFR

Why Having a Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party (make sure to read the comments) — Suburban Snapshots

McWilliams on good food: “we mustn’t allow the virtues of production to hide the dangers of consumption” — Atlantic


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