June 25, 2010

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“Dan Costa had a cool (and different) death grip, which can knock two signal bars off his Palm Pre” — PC Mag

Great moments in BP PR, part 441: Now BP is burning sea turtles alive — TBI

Lenders won’t be happy until borrowers are living on <$400/month, after mortgage payments — Rortybomb

5,000 words on the economics of the iPhone app store — Communities Dominate Brands

Why a “professor of Innovation” thinks McChrystal shouldn’t have been fired — HBR

Wine vending machines – with built-in breathalizer – open for business in Pennsylvania — Penn Live

Photoshop, circa 1872 — MAN

The gold/silver ratio’s new normal: closer to 65 than 50 — Inca Kola News

The NYT bravely takes on Big Sunscreen — NYT


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