By Felix Salmon
June 26, 2010
Ross Douthat, Foster Kamer, me

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Three takes on David Weigel — Ross Douthat, Foster Kamer, me

Alex Williams on the life and tragic death of Tobi Wong — NYT

Carried interest tax appears to be dead (for now) — WSJ

AIG’s Joe Cassano goes up in front of the FCIC June 30. Mark your calendars! — FCIC

No surprise: Congress includes ban on boxoffice trading — Hollywood Reporter

The UK Times loses half its readers just by forcing them to register: it’s not even charging yet! — Hitwise


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Is this witch-burning season, or what, with every mainstream news provider groveling to compete in the pig pile stakes for near-beer party affection by squeaking out apologia for any and every soup├žon of staffer straight talk?

One way not to run a decent newspaper is to run after rotten readership in sackcloth, ashes and a Berlin paywall. All of these, I wish The Post.

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I view the carried interest tax provision as the canary in the coal mine (or from Wall Street’s perspective, the gold mine).

When basic fee-based for these hedge funds and partnerships is taxed as ordinary income, like everybody else’s fee-based income, then there is a good chance that the “bought and paid for” Congress will actually be looking out for its constituents’ best interests.

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