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Delaying Basel III

David Enrich and Damian Paletta have the latest news on the Basel III front, and the compromise seems to be coming into focus: not so much on the substance, which remains more or less intact, but rather on the timing, which could get pushed out as much as a decade.

The congestion pricing debate, cont.

I know a lot of people — myself included — don’t have the time or inclination to watch videos online. So for those of you who didn’t watch the full congestion pricing debate, here’s a few highlights.

AT&T tries to defend its data pricing

Mark Siegel, the executive director of media relations at AT&T, was upset that I didn’t phone him before posting my blog entry yesterday on his company’s new data plans. He phoned me this morning, and I told him that I assumed the official AT&T press release — which I linked to from my blog — had all the information that the company wanted to release, but that if he wanted to tell me anything else, he was more than welcome to.

iPad advertising datapoint of the day

Andrew Vanacore spins a whole story out of one curious datapoint today: he says that on USA Today’s iPad app, advertisers such as Marriott are paying “about $50 for every thousand times, or impressions, the ad appears”, compared to less than $10 on the website.

That stubbornly high unemployment rate

No single datapoint — not even the monthly payrolls report — can in and of itself mark the beginning of the end of the recovery. But this month’s numbers are still depressing, coming in well below lofty expectations, and having no silver lining: there were no upward revisions to previous months, there was no big fall in the unemployment rate, there was no obvious reason to believe that the 411,000 temporary employees hired in May to work on Census 2010 would otherwise have found private-sector employment.


Porsche Boxster vs the Pacific Coast Highway. The car loses — Automobile

Driver fails to see a massive pile of rock strewn across the road — How We Drive

The congestion charging debate

Here’s the full video, in two parts. I fully intend to go into more detail about a few of the points raised, but for the time being, enjoy, and do post any questions in the comments.

Breaking Media’s full RSS returns

The Breaking Media RSS Experiment, which I wrote about here in April, is over. And the winner is… full RSS!

McArdle’s objections to congestion pricing

Many thanks to Megan McArdle for giving me something to push back against with respect to congestion pricing. Megan, like me, favors congestion pricing, but she does see some problems with it.