Communism and the financial crisis, cartoon edition

July 2, 2010

Remember David Harvey, the chap with the book-length critique of the financial crisis through an explicitly Marxist lens? I’d be surprised if the number of readers of this blog who read his book ever broke into the double digits, but hey, what if I told you that there’s a fabulous little YouTube video from RSA Animate which illustrates a lecture that he gave with inventiveness and verve? That’s more like it:

This is one of the most gripping ways I’ve yet seen of presenting complex and dry ideas: it’s Paddy Hirsch with better drawing skills, higher production values, and two months rather than two hours to put it all together. There’s more where that came from: try Barbara Ehrenreich, Dan Pink, or Jeremy Rifkin. I’m trying to think who I’d most like to see given this treatment: Matt Ridley would be very interesting, I think, or Paul Collier, or — getting very geeky and financey — how about Riccardo Rebonato? Even Nouriel Roubini might be a lot of fun. More, please, RSA!

(HT: NC)


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