By Felix Salmon
July 6, 2010
American Banker

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Quiggin’s Zombie Economics is available for pre-order — Amazon

How Citi “structured their business so that no agency knew what they needed to effectively regulate the company” — American Banker

“As any competent designer knows, the Futura uppercase ‘N’ needs to be treated with care, as the pointy corners can be treacherous” — Brand New

Surowiecki on how the auto-dealer exemption came into the financial-reform bill — TNY

The WSJ covers Middle School 223, the Lab School of Finance and Technology — WSJ

You’re more than twice as likely to be Lady Gaga’s fan on Facebook as you are to follow her on Twitter — Reuters

Kinsley with a sensible deficit column — Atlantic Wire

WizardRSS will convert any partial rss feed into a full feed — Wizard RSS

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