By Felix Salmon
July 8, 2010

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Tal Yarkoni on Dunning-Kruger; he goes on to debate Dunning in the comments — Yarkoni

A good response to the UK govt’s request for “laws or regulations you’d like us to do away with” — Gov.UK

The Volcker rule doesn’t ban all prop trading. You can still speculate in the Treasury market — WSJ

Koblin on Gaby Darbyshire — NYO


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Andy Xie wrote about wine and it’s pretty funny. The Chinese are creating a huge bubble in “Carruades de Lafite” and it’s threatening to take down the whole French wine-making tradition! 58965.html

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I liked the suggestion to repeal the third law of thermodynamics, but my eyes nearly rolled out of my head when I saw a commentor feel the need to point out it’s impossible to do.

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